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Sex, Love, & 
Conservative Faith
A 12-Hour
Competency Certificate

Navigating sex therapy with religiously conservative clients (RCCs) can be a delicate balance, whether or not you, yourself, practice a faith.  When working with RCCs, you need to maintain principles of sex therapy practice while respectfully exploring their religious values, ideas, and behaviors, which may be at genuine odds with each other.   Masturbation is a good example.  Research tells sex therapists that masturbation is a healthy activity, but religious values may make self-pleasure fraught with anxiety.

What is an ethical sex therapist to do when faced with an RCC?  What about treating someone LGBTQ+ who has been harmed by their faith, or who has family struggles because of their identity?  How will you help the RCC who has self-diagnosed themselves as a sex addict--because they look at sexually explicit material once a month or so? 

In this breakthrough series of four 3-hour webinars, Natasha Helfer, LMFT, CST-S will answer these questions and so much more.  Your practice will benefit immediately from Helfer's decades of clinical experience and personal insight into the sexuality and relationship difficulties that RCCs may face when pleasure and values clash.

In the introductory webinar, Sex Therapy with Religiously Conservative Clients, Helfer will talk about this demographic and their beliefs and values, and the difference between Act-Centered and Relationship-Centered perspectives on sex.  

Next, Helfer takes on the topic of "Working with Religiously Conservative LGBTQ+ Clients" and the unique challenges sexual/gender minorities may face when  identity conflicts with religious teachings.  In this webinar, she is joined by Colette Dalton, LCSW, a lesbian therapist, and Kimberly Anderson, AMFT, a transgender therapist in training who share their stories and perspectives.  

Along with Josh Weed, LMFT--a gay therapist who appeared on "Nightline" as being happily married to a woman, only to later realize the marriage wasn't sustainable--Helfer then explores the conundrum of treating mixed orientation marriages among couples of faith.  

In the fourth webinar, "Working with Sex and Porn Addicts in RCCs," Helfer is joined by Professor of Sexual Health Braxton Dutson, LCSW to train you in assessing and treatment the self-diagnosed religiously conservative sex addict.

This self-paced learning activity will expand your thinking about RCCs--and it's appropriate for every sex therapist and any therapist who works with this population.  Download your Certificate of Competence in Sex, Love, and Conservative Faith immediately upon completion!

Level of Instruction: Intermediate, Post-Graduate

Value: $397
Introductory Rate: $349

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Meet Natasha Helfer, LMFT, CST-S and learn more about Sex, Love & Conservative Faith
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Religious Belief Systems

Help individuals from RCCs turn to their own belief system to resolve conflicts


Use Attachment-Based Family Therapy when working with clients from RCCs

Religious Trauma

Address trauma in LGBTQ+ members and former members of high demand religions

Self-Identified Porn Addicts

Treat self-diagnosed sex and pornography addicts from RCCs with understanding and empathy

Centering Sexuality

Separate act-centered from relationship-centered thinking about sex in RCCs

Mixed Orientation Couples

Support religiously conservative individuals and couples in mixed orientation relationships


Deeply understand the doctrine of high demand religion regarding sexuality and your own responses to these teachings

Ethical Approaches

Identify which clinical approaches are most respectful and effective for treating sexual issues related to religious values 

Courses Included In This Certificate:

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Earn 12 hours of CEs!
Earn up to 6 hours of Ethics CEs to fulfill your professional license renewal requirements!
Meet the instructor

Natasha Helfer, LMFT, CSTS

Natasha Helfer is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist/Supervisor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with almost 25 years of experience. Her expertise lies in the intersection of conservative religious upbringings and sexuality, specifically in the area of deconstructing internalized sexual shame. She runs a group practice, Symmetry Solutions, where services focus on helping people with religious trauma, reclaiming sexual desire, mixed-faith relationships, coming out journeys, healing sexual shame or trauma, and exploring sexual authenticity. Natasha was excommunicated from the Mormon church in 2021, for her advocacy in regards to sexual health.

Natasha can be reached at natashahelfer.com. She hosts the Mormon Mental Health and Mormon Sex Info Podcasts, and is the founder and  current past president of the Mormon Mental Health Association. She has authored two books:  Check Your Baggage: Unpack the Messages Getting in the Way of Your Sex Life and One Family, Two Views: How to Fortify Your Mixed-Faith Mormon Marriage.
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