Meet Dr. Stephanie Buehler!

Passionate Educator, Expert Sex Therapist

Hello! I'm Dr. Stephanie Buehler, a dedicated psychologist and sex therapist and President of The Buehler Institute and My journey in psychology has been driven by a single, powerful mission: to illuminate the path for mental health and healthcare providers in understanding and addressing sexual concerns sensitively and effectively.

Breaking the Silence

In my extensive career as a clinician and consultant, I've witnessed firsthand the silent struggle many people face due to sexual issues. This struggle, often shrouded in shame and guilt, inspired me to dedicate my life to educating providers. My goal? To bridge the knowledge gaps and equip them to handle sexual issues ethically and competently.

Author and Speaker

I've poured my insights into several books, notably What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Sex, 3rd Ed. These works reflect my deep understanding of the field and have led me to speak to audiences worldwide, sharing knowledge and fostering dialogue.

Collaborative Practice

My experience extends to private practice, often in collaboration with medical professionals, and advisory roles in healthcare settings. This multidisciplinary approach underscores the importance of comprehensive sexual health education for all healthcare providers.
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Highlights from a long career...

  Over 25 years of clinical experience and over a decade of teaching sex and relationship therapy--my knowledge is current

  Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health and longtime member

  AASECT Certified Sex Therapist with two decades of experience as a Certified Supervisor

  Invited speaker to national and international conferences with audiences from 25 to 750

  Specialized in working with sexuality and mental disorders, chronic illness and cancer, and sexual pain disorders

  Creator of a variety of programs for various institutions, including a major regional hospital, and ensuring they are inclusive.

A Family Vision

I'm thrilled to work alongside my daughter Anneka Buehler, soon-to-be a licensed psychotherapist also specializing in sex therapy, who shares my vision and dedication. Together, we're committed to advancing the educational offerings of our Institute.

Life Beyond Work

When I'm not educating or consulting, you'll find me enjoying life with my husband and daughter, indulging in vegan culinary adventures, expressing creativity through abstract art, or unwinding with a good book and close friends.

Join Our Community

My career has been a fulfilling journey, and I'm eager to help others find the same satisfaction in their professional lives. I invite you to join our community of fearless providers ready to break the silence around sex. Stay connected through our email list and social media.
Online and Virtual Learning Opportunities

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