Group Supervision

8 sessions or 16 hours of group supervision. For more information, please click here
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does group work?

Dates and times are set and chosen in advance. Each group is limited to four participants and goes for two hours so that each participant receives 30 minutes of supervision on a case they present.

How many hours of group supervision can I get?

Groups are designed to meet for eight weeks to provide 16 hours of supervision. If you are going for AASECT certification, you can apply a maximum of 25 hours of group toward your requirements.

Do I have to have sex therapy cases?

Yes, you do. Although you would learn a lot from listening, group requires active participation. You will need to have a case to present or be able to follow up on a case at each group meeting.

Will Dr. Buehler be my "primary" supervisor?

No. Dr. Buehler is currently only providing group supervision. You will need to identify an AASECT certified supervisor or supervisor-in-training to provide individual supervision and guidance as your "primary" supervisor.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, Dr. Buehler or someone on the support staff will contact you with details. Basically, you will need to sign a contract with Dr. Buehler and provide copies of your license, your resume or CV, the face sheet for your malpractice policy, and proof of AASECT membership.

I'm in! How do I pay?

Find the group you want to attend and choose the payment option that is right for you. 

What about missing a session? Are there any refunds?

If you must miss a session, you can make it up in a future group within 12 months *if there is an opening*. If Dr. Buehler must reschedule, then a makeup group session will be offered. There are no partial refunds.